Paige Krämer

-1st birth, Hull Quebec. Some say too ‘Hull and Back’ but I decided otherwise.

2nd birth, Montreal. From Hell to purgatory. At least it’s a step up.

-Hobbies: I spend most of my time recovering from the previous skateboard session, anxiety attack, depression, or broken heart, which gives me the opportunity to draw. I miss sculpting (google it). Oh, did I forget melancholy, does that count as a hobby? No? It doesn’t!? That makes me sad..

-Models and inspirations : Every good hearted marginalized person out there finding the strength or a reason to keep going everyday. THEY are the people who generally make us evolve as human beings through their differences and uniqueness.

Shout out : Annie Guglia, through her Sk8 D8 events is doing something huge for all the female identified skateboarders in Montreal. Also, by making Sk8 D8 an inclusive event it helps the transgender, queer and non-binary skateboard community. That to me is an inspirational ally.

-Skate history: Noah’s arc had the perfect transition. (Seems like just yesterday..)

The pyramids…that’s what you get when the city designs and builds your local skatepark.

-Favorite food and drink: yes, 2nd’s please.

-Trekkie or Star Wars: Trekkie. but I still love the creative design of Star Wars. So cool.

“You may as well choose what box to be put in and decorate it to your taste. Like the giant refrigerator box we played in as children”